Hillsong United

The documentary is being directed by Michael John Warren. Alcon Entertainment has acquired the feature documentary Hillsong – Let Hope Rise, which Warner Bros will release in April. The film focuses on the Australian band Hillsong United.

The band is popularly known for connecting people to our saviour Jesus Christ through worship songs.


Felix (Cameron Dallas) always create an opportunity to find his way out of trouble. After his third strike at school, the principal has had enough and expels him. Never defeated, Felix resorts to his infamous ways and devises a plan with his brother (Marcus Johns), best friend (Matt Shively), new friend (Lia Marie Johnson) and classmate (Andrea Russett) to hide the new developments from his parents.

The Pyramid

A team of archaeologists search an ancient pyramid in the Egyptian desert. As they search the pyramid, they become lost . Searching for a way out, they were trapped and hunted by an insidious  creature. The horror movie is fine … however, critics who commented on Rotten Tomatoes website identified that the movie is poorly lit and thinly writ, little more than clunky dialogue, amateurish acting, and dusty found-footage scares.

Robert Mugabe…… what happened?

This documentary was produced in 2011 by Simon Bright. This powerful documentary is really two films in one.  It’s a political history of Zimbabwe from its formation in 1980 on the ashes of Rhodesia, Britain’s breakaway former colony.  This history is told through the rise of Robert Mugabe, the country’s first and only elected political leader. The film also is a psychological study of Mugabe the man, giving key events in his life before he assumed political power but mostly tracing his apparent metamorphosis from a democrat and freedom-fighter to a brutal tyrant who would stop at nothing – including mass murder – to keep his hold on power.

How to change the heart of a nation

How to change the heart of a nation is a documentary by Ray Comfort. The documentary is a campaign against abortion. It revisit the Holocaust of the 11 million Jews done by Adolf Hitler. Ray Comfort equates the 11 million Jews killed by Hitler to the 50 million abortions in America.  The documentary drew facts from interviews.The documentary is a supplement to Comfort’s book Hitler, God and Bible.